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got to see this car up close and personal. fcka is sick!!! the drop is perfect and the stance looks killer. if you ever end up selling those skunk2 pro-s, lmk!!! haha. i'll be glad to take them off your hands.

ain't much of a weak build thread lol. the car is already dropped a considerable amount, which imo, is what really makes any car nice. and compared to mine, you're doing way better. i've had the car since february, and what have i done? hid's and fogs. that's what you call a weak build. i got license plate led's too, but i wouldn't really consider that a mod since it only costs like 10 bucks...

you even got things coming in, like the ballin intake from pw jdm. me? i'm an unemployed dude with no funds to do anything to the car.

are the skunk2's exhaust really that loud? i watch vids on youtube and they seem pretty loud. do the cops bother you? do they get irritating?
when i met the dude, it didn't have the irritating noise that straight pipe and truck tips have. it was actually a nice sound. loud enough that you can tell there's an exhaust on the car, but not too loud where all you wanna do is turn up the radio.

I had already removed the struts from the car. And the top hat is held on with a nut but it has like a rubber ring on the inside. But the nut is recessed (sp?) so you can't use a regular wrench. And you can't just use an impact or anything because the rod it's attached to will spin. So i had to use a T-handle allen wrench and an open ended socket. To hold the strut while i turned the nut. But like i said i was working alone in the parking lot and didn't have a whole lot of tools at my disposal. I'm sure others have much easier ways of doing it.
When my friends and I did that little stunt of mine with the suspension you gave me, I never really had much of an issue with that bolt on the top hat lol. I unscrewed the nut while the suspension was still in the car. It came right off, no spinning or anything. So when my friend took off the suspension, he didn't have to worry about the spring shooting. (We didn't have a compressor) The only time the strut started spinning was when we tried to tighten the nut. My fried just used his impact and it worked lol.

Other than that, regardless of what haters say, this car is hella nice because of the slam. Prolly one of the lowest FA5's on the island. I can't think of any who are lower than you, but I don't wanna make any assumptions lol.

I give this car a :thumb:
1 - 1 of 57 Posts
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