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  • Abraham Godoy ·
    Hello friend, I read the content performed on the headers, in some cases not understand much. however I see you have a lot of knowledge on the subject, which is why I ask your advice I have Civic Si 08 intake, AcceSport cobb, and headers of cheap ebay $ 129.00.
    Recommend changing the headers for a SKUNK2 APHLA. or I prefer those who have.

    Thanks in advance.
    ryanFa5 ·
    Hey man, I was wondering of you could help me out. I am installing a vibrant rh w/hfc and vibrant gen 1 exhaust with my buddy tomorrow and I have the two 3 bolt gaskets that go inbetween the header and mid pipe and midpipe and axle back. I was just making sure that it's 6 regular bolts that go in all of those holes, and no spring bolts like in the stock exhaust. Thanks a lot!
    KMFRM914 ·
    Hello i noticed you have the same body kit i want to get... I have silver 07 sedan si... It has damage and i want to cover it up with a lip is this the right part number? 08F01-SNA
    And here is the pic of the damage will the lip cover all the damage or no there are spider cracks right over the ridge .. THANK YOU
    shadow-si ·
    Can you point me to the right thread about gopower 575 header. I can't fing anything on here about the darn thing
    CivicSI_HFP ·
    Are these good aftermarket headlights? Or do you know anywhere to get good aftermarket headlights?
    Sonar 2006-08 Honda Civic Si 2dr Coupe Halo Projector Black / Chrome Euro Headlights
    dazflap ·
    hey mind if i ask you where you bought your rear lip? I'm looking around for the same one but can only find a mugen style one without the diffuser
    aznjimmy ·
    wow a lot of people seem to ask you for help, im sorry to bother you and i was wondering if you could help me pick my first intake, if you would please, right now my choices are injen cai and aem cai and last the k&N typhoon v2 if correct, i live in houston texas, i am a little worried about hydrolock due to this being my own transportation but from your word,which one would be the best performance and investment? i plan to get a 4-2-1 header later on idk which one and a 3inchfullrace. please let me know thanks man for the help sorry if im spamming on your profile ;/ money is not an issue and if my gut im debating on the k&N typhoon or injen cai with sleeve but the k&n in performance lacks from the injen? lost in dyno? thanks man lmk my first mod was flashpro
    mattsera ·
    what header should I buy? I have skunk2 exhaust/k&n intake/ ingalls stiffy/ p2r spacer/ skunk2 fuel rail/ I just bought the Hondata flashpro , now I need a header thanks
    p.s I live in ATL GA so I need to do emission on my car lol
    thanks Bill
    jmheath357 ·
    Hi Bill. My name is John and I have a couple of questions for you if you don't mind. I currently am running the strup header on my si and I'm about to install the Q300 cat-back. I am really getting tired of the smell of the exhaust without a cat and I'm checking on my options. I know you had the Vibrant with HFC. I wanted to know how the smell was with that header, is it 49 state legal, and do you know the size of the primaries and secondaries? I was just going to have a magnaflow cat welded to my strup between the secondary O2 bung and the flange to the exhaust, but there is only about 6 inches there to play with and the cat is 8 inches long according to magnaflows website. I went on Random Tech's website to see how big those where but only found width. I really don't want to spend the time or money on another header, if I can avoid it with a comparable setup, but I want it to be right also. Any thoughts, info, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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