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YoSpeed - Engraved Battery Tie Downs

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YoSpeed - Engraved Battery Tie Downs (updated!)

Engraved Battery Tie Downs


They're constructed from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, and machined on a precision CNC machine to within 1/100th of an inch. They're powder coated in either wrinkle black or wrinkle red and then coated to prevent chemical wear and rusting, which is great for all you guys who have to deal with salt on the road and harsh weather. :thumb: They are then engraved on our precision milling machine with a pre-programmed design, or engraved with a custom title, and then coated again to prevent any damage to the exposed metal. I guarantee perfect fitment. If it's not perfect, it becomes scrap metal.​


  • 8thcivic.com - $19.95
  • fgcoupe.com - $19.95
  • K20 - $19.95
  • R18 - $19.95
  • FG*SQUAD - $19.95
  • un engraved - $14.95
  • Custom design with your choice of font - $34.95

These prices are for 8thcivic members only.
Shipping will be a flat $5.00

For anyone requesting custom engraving, if you want your engraving to be in a font that is not common (verdana, arial, times new roman, etc.), please e-mail me the following:

Your forum name, what you want engraved on the tie down, and the font file attached to the e-mail.​


You can PM me here on the site with your forum name, what you want engraved, and a link to the font.​



I am now taking orders from everyone! Simply follow the link and choose either a custom designed tie, or a pre-made tie! More designs have been added and more pictures will be posted shortly!
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i just placed my order.

please let me now when u have to door stills available please...
Just got my tie down. Thanks. I'll post a picture when I get my camera back (mom went on a trip this week and took it)
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