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YoSpeed - Engraved Battery Tie Downs

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YoSpeed - Engraved Battery Tie Downs (updated!)

Engraved Battery Tie Downs


They're constructed from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, and machined on a precision CNC machine to within 1/100th of an inch. They're powder coated in either wrinkle black or wrinkle red and then coated to prevent chemical wear and rusting, which is great for all you guys who have to deal with salt on the road and harsh weather. :thumb: They are then engraved on our precision milling machine with a pre-programmed design, or engraved with a custom title, and then coated again to prevent any damage to the exposed metal. I guarantee perfect fitment. If it's not perfect, it becomes scrap metal.​


  • 8thcivic.com - $19.95
  • fgcoupe.com - $19.95
  • K20 - $19.95
  • R18 - $19.95
  • FG*SQUAD - $19.95
  • un engraved - $14.95
  • Custom design with your choice of font - $34.95

These prices are for 8thcivic members only.
Shipping will be a flat $5.00

For anyone requesting custom engraving, if you want your engraving to be in a font that is not common (verdana, arial, times new roman, etc.), please e-mail me the following:

Your forum name, what you want engraved on the tie down, and the font file attached to the e-mail.​


You can PM me here on the site with your forum name, what you want engraved, and a link to the font.​



I am now taking orders from everyone! Simply follow the link and choose either a custom designed tie, or a pre-made tie! More designs have been added and more pictures will be posted shortly!
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Less talk about norm reeves, more buying of battery ties!

I've got about 50 un-engraved ones left before I need to make more in red and black. I've also go a couple shockers left. :)
i want a billet battery tie.. make it happen!
trickyazn said:
i want a billet battery tie.. make it happen!
All you have to do is go to my site and select brushed aluminum as your finish, and you're set.

Agnt004 said:
I'll take a K20 in Red thanks.
Again, just visit my site and use the checkout system and I'll send it out ASAP.
y0 david... when are you gonna give me the decal so i can rock it in the car. Sponsored Battery ties FTMFW. =)
^ same here.
tricky, you can pick up locally. :p

Typically I ship them out every Monday. Reason being, I only have a chance to go to the metal shop on Saturdays. I spend the entire day there engraving and cutting, then sunday the post office is closed, so I ship them out the next tuesday. So if you order Friday, I'll machine it that Saturday, and mail it out the following Tuesday. Most people get them by that Wednesday or Thursday.
ah he changed what he said.. i was agreeing that i didnt know what to get. when you mean billet do you mean like the gas cover of a 350z billet? cause thatd look hott.

also dont know what the engraved tie should say.. aha still deciding.
I've never taken a close look at 350z gas covers, but I'm assuming they're cast aluminum.

Like I said in the thread, we use 6061-T6 aluminum which we machine on a CNC mill or lathe depending on the shape of the product. If you're talking about looks, it will look pretty much the same. 6061-T6 looks better than pretty much any other quality aluminum when it's brushed or un-painted because it's one of the higher grades. It's actually much stronger than what you'd need for decorative purposes. The only other grade aluminum that is commonly used is 7075, which is also use on aircraft components. 7075 has a higher tensile strength, but is going a little overboard for battery ties. I doubt you'd need 78,000 psi tensile strength for something that keeps a battery from moving around inside an engine bay.
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Mine arrived on Sat. I'll toss it on on Mon. Celcius Thanks again for the replacement.
When I get my blue top Battery I'll have to hit you up for a new one to fit that battery. :thumb:
I placed my order last night. Can't wait to get it!
Celcius said:
a yospeed picture? :p

:wavey: just put in my YoSpeed order
Yo... that yospeed one is too hot!! Love that logo my Celcius!
ill buy a battery box, like yours. ;)
^ "Yonehara" my last name. The Kanji for my name is only two symbols I think. My grandparents taught it to me a long time ago, but I've long since forgotten it.
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