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Ok, so before you all tie me up, douse me in E85, gag me with a BOV, light me on fire and toss me over the cliff, just hear me out.

Megaman X, you said in another thread recently your the guy, so unless you wanna get a good laugh, look toward the bottom of this post

#1 - Why not buy a Civic Si? Hold on let me reach up my.. Oh sh*t.. Literally.. That's all I got.. $25k? Nope. Don't got it. 10.5k. Yep. Got that.
#2 - 'Your just going to wish you had a Civic SI' yeah and you are still going to wish my mom didn't turn you down.

Now that's out of the way....
I am purchasing a very gently used 2010 Civic Coup'e LX A/T with LO LO miles on 2022 cheap (wish it were like.. 2018 cheap but still).. And It's gonna be slow. And I'm ok with that. I'm purchasing it for one I always wanted a Civic. For two it get's over double the gas mileage of my 2012 Pathfinder (17.5mpergz all day.. Very reliable.. In just this specific way..).

So I guess my point here is I would EVENTUALLY love to try my hand at modding/turbo-ing this car. I already did some reasearch. Found out using a full Ebay kit is a TERRIBLE idea (this guy
).. He said he thinks it was too much power and I disagree, but he thinks he was making 215 whp, and I think the BOV was hot trash and/or maybe didn't upgrade injectors/wasn't watching AFR, maybe crap gas, got a misfire.. RIP..

Megaman X start here lol
Anyway, I'm not here asking 'EHRMAGHERD I WAWN ALL DER PEWER IN MER AUTO 1.8!!!!' I'm curious what a sensible and (oxymoron I know) 'affordable' turbo setup would entail for this car and what my options might be. I'm not a n00b at least in the sense I'm not asking for a picture guide with all prices and etc and yes I have turned a wrench a ton of times, unfortunately to fix broke ****, not much upgrading. I'm just curious what I should do. I'm not going to buy a 5k turbo kit for this car.. It's not worth it to me. What I wouldn't mind doing though is maybe piecemealing a turbo setup with cheaper but GOOD parts with new parts being BOV, Boost controller, AT cooler, whatever else makes sense to be reliable. I would happily rebuild/mod a used turbo (not just buy one and smack it on crossing my fingers that all those metal slivers don't shoot right in). I'm looking at a goal of around 190hp. I had a 14' Dart GT 6 speed M/T that made 180hp/165tq factory with a ram air kit and a few other fun stuff that made probably right around 185/190hp/170ish tq (probably not that much). It was 527lbs heavier than this Honda. Hell no it wasn't fast, but it FELT fast. It was fun even if I couldn't actually even beat my own Pathfinder in it, it was fun. I'm not looking to smoke Hellcats and Cayotes, I'm looking to have fun.

Just essentially looking for some direction what I should invest time/money into looking into to achieve this goal. Would I need to upgrade brakes at that type of power upgrade on this car? I'm not looking to be crazy loud, is there a well known high flow cat/muffler combo that people prefer that isn't crazy loud that would support these numbers? Stuff like that. Thanks in advance.

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Well hello your goal is super simple to
Hit. You will need to add two extra parts since your a automatic. As you know the manual will make more power and can upgrade the clutch etc. anywho here is your answers

Not Spending a ton of money is impossible cheap power does not exsist man. When you cut corners bad **** happens period.
If your boosting the car all of the following has to be done just to run the turbo or supercharger effectively

Pick one

Tsi v2 turbo kit
Gato performance turbo kit
Full race turbo kit (might be discontinued)

Kraftwerks supercharger kit
Jackson racing supercharger kit

One of each these parts

Any exhaust long as it’s 2.5 and. Bigger
Megan racing downpipe

Since you have a automatic you need to buy any tranny cooler also a level 10 tq converter

deatschwerks fuel pump 220 or 340
Raceeng custom L19 ARP Headstuds(get them before they stop custom making them)

Hondata tuning software

That’s your basic package. Lots more to do but that will get your started in right direction. Might want to add a Megan radiator and hoses if your running into heating issues btw during tuning.

You will get 189-200 easy with. Those parts with more room to grow by adding more mods like weapon r intake manifold etc. As far as braking is concerned I have a Wilwood BBK kit on mine with slotted/drilled rotors. All steel stop tech brake lines as well

Wilwood calipers kit comes with pads (395)
Stop tech lines 120
Drilled/slotted rotors front and rear 200

Now it stands to be noted Any BBK kit that fits the 06-11 Si will fit the R18 or you can get the Wilwood setup or do the Tsx conversion more work in my opinion when you can just get a kit made for car

I do have alot of spare left over parts as well since i have done a lot of trial and error etc

Weapon r intake manifold (chrome)
PRP throttle body spacer (chrome)
Carbon fiber gauge pod excel style
Carbon fiber Dashboard with double din cutout(yes entire dash is carbon fiber custom made)
R18 Head complete (I could have it built for you as well)
deatschwerks 220 fuel pump
Garrett 2860 ball bearing turbocharger
White line endlinks
Hayden automatic transmission cooler( I had a auto long ago but got a manual later)

Tons of other stuff but there is your answer hope this helps


Also the stock block can’t handle more then 300/300 you will bend a rod period anything under that and your fine just add the custom headstuds as they don’t make headstuds for our cars so have to be custom made get a set now before they are gone. So that guy using eBay stuff probably had a bad tune.
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