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yeah its a 7thgen

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nice ride man

what kind of times you get with it? and a list of mods...
nice car
no times yet been having problems with tuning so its been on and off with the boosting. hopefully by the end of next month it will be all tuned and running 8 psi daily.
list of mods well

tanabe exhaust
revo short shifter

rsx injectors
e manage
turbo xs bov
t3 turbo

tein coilovers
front and rear camber kit
front and rear upper strut tower bars
17" velox vx8 in hyper black
falken tires

carbon fiber hood
tsunami front bumper

carbon fiber trim
polished shift knob
3 pillar guage pod
turbo timer

premier head unit
jl components up front
some crappy 12s in the trunk

other mods:
custom H.I.Ds
push button start
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sweet ride. let us know how it all works out when tuned.
nice front end. Looks cool and fast. :thumb: :thumb:
Do you have a v6 also?
ok man..let me hear some numbers..have you taken her to the track?
no numbers yet coming spring 2006
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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