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so here's how i wake up this morning... a phone call from my older brother that lives in the Clermont area. he states that his girlfriend's--whom owns a black '04/'05 Civic EX coupe COMPLETELY 100% stock--wheels were stolen last night. they came home to her GATED apt. complex late last night... everything was fine. went to bed.

my brother woke up this morning to find ONE cinder block under the gas tank of said Civic & the wheels missing...

please help me & them out if you're somewhat local to Clermont area if you have any sort of:

15" Honda OEM wheels preferred
the 2004-2005 stock EX wheels would be best if possible...
4 x 100 bolt pattern

thank you! PM me if you have something that will help. DO NOT SELL ME SOME STOLEN WHEELS!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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