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Basically this isnt for the civic, but they are the same part so id try here

I have my gf's camry, we were doing a 13" BBK and her 17s wont fit over the BBK (was a mock up, so shes still on the 17's. drag dr-8s. if you see a pic online you will notice the interior looks more like a 16" size. Drag Wheels. Extreme Alloys. | DR-8)

I am looking for an 18" rim, that fits the civic (cause it also fits the camry) with the SAME TIRE SIZES THAT FIT THE CIVIC. (believe it or not)

We are trying to save some money by going used, but its gotta be an 18" 5x114.3. the camry has a 60.1 hub but dont worry about that cause i can get different hub adapters

even if you have HFP rims, hit me up, cause i need to get something cheap.

RIMS AND TIRES! or really cheap rims lol
if your interested in a trade we MAY be able to arrange that, but you gotta be close to CT

I am located at 06716. so if you need to ship get shipping charges to that zip.

hurry before we spend the money for new. im looking to get something squared away by the end of the week
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