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Well I was going to work this morning and exited on Weir Canyon and all of a sudden a cop pulls in the intersection and behind him there are about 30 Lamborghini's getting a police escort. I almost **** my pants. They were all revving their engines right next to me and it was pure sex. Old Classic lambos to 07 lambos and everything.

And even better than that, in the front of the pack i am sure as **** i saw an ENZO. No joke, i was speechless. One of the nicest spottings ive ever had. Im pretty sure they were all going to the John Force Auto show here.

Also i was heading home from work and 3 nice ass corvettes were in front of me and they wernt as nice as the lambos, but damn their engines sounded good as hell too. Good day for me :thumb:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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