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2007 Civic SI
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Hey everyone, I’m new to the forum and a first time Honda owner.

Here’s the back story...
I just bought a 07 civic SI 4 door off of a friend at work as a project car. Last year he had the clutch replaced after it started slipping. After it was replaced he drove it 30 miles a week, just to and from work. 6 months after clutch replacement he was driving to work, he said he hit the clutch pedal and felt or heard a pop. Since then it won’t go into gear. Now it’s been sitting for 6+ Months cuz he didn’t have the money to fix it. If the car is turned off you can shift through all gears no problem but if the car is running it won’t go into gear. There was almost no fluid in the clutch reservoir but I don’t see it leaking from anywhere. I filled it, bled the line at the slave cylinder, adjusted the cmc and still no difference. The fork moves when the pedal is pressed but I’m
Not sure if it’s traveling far enough to disengage fully. Any suggestions about where to go from Here would be appreciated.
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