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Win free stuff @ GrafiXpressions!

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It's easy!!!

Like us here: GrafiXpressions LLC | Facebook

and friend us here: GrafiXpressions Decals | Facebook

^ both need to be done in order to qualify for the free goodies! :readtherules:

Once you are done with those steps, watch us on FB, as soon as we post a giveaway message, be one of the first (of however many we choose at that time) people to reply and you win one of the free items! You could win weekly if you are quick enough!

Good luck!
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thanks guys, we like making you happy with free stuff! just gotta be quick on the draw when the giveaways are posted!
could you tell us around when you're gonna post a giveaway message on FB? :D
haha, try bugging Nick (GrafiXpressions) here on 8th... he's in charge of the giveaways! ;-)

that would be cheating though!
keep the likes coming for your chance to win!
man page. For men..??

No girls allowed?? :shrug: Whats wrong with teh wominz?
lol, main page!
GRFXP Grab bags!!!

GRFXP.com Grab Bags!!!


Want a bunch of amazing stickers for cheap!?? Who doesn't! Our team randomly selects 8 different stickers, colors and sizes for each grab bag, no two bags are ever the same!

Possible designs include everything we offer on our website, you might even get lucky and get some designs we no longer offer, or designs we haven't even put up for sale yet. The fun part is, you never know what you are going to get!

And the real kicker, 1 out of every 50 grab bags come with a free GRFXP.com T-Shirt-- awesome!
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keep liking our Facebook fan page... once we hit 2k likes we're giving away a FatBoy knob! Help us reach that goal and have a chance to win the best shift knob on the marker!
guys, we still need help reaching 2000 likes... we'll be giving away a Fatboy knob once we reach 2k!
We also cater to twitter users! Wanna win, like us on fb or follow us on twitter-- that's the deal! :)
1 - 12 of 61 Posts
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