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Will a new cam really help?

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My buddy says that if I want more out of my civic, that I should get a new camshaft. Is this true? I am going to get a CAI and a catback too. What do you guys recommend that I buy to increase the overall performance of the car? I don't a turbo or supercharger, that would be to much.
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dentrecords said:
-0.01 for the electric fan in the intake.
LOL I hope he was joking.

A cam is usually one of the BEST way's to improve the overall power of a motor (all RPM ranges are effected) where some mods just move the power band higher up the RPM range. The negative side effects can be: worse idle (think muscle car, womp womp womp, i had a high lift cam in my 3.8 wow nice difference), lowering overall milage, longevity of the motor if using an extremem cam (not likely in a civic i wouldn't think), usually the requirement of premium fuel.

I haven't done a cam in a Vtec motor before so i don't know exactly how well these react as my previous experience is on pushrod motors. Usually a cam was done later on after all the smaller mods are done.
HAQER said:
I noticed that under "All Motor" you wrote NOS. Is NOS considered all motor?
nope. Nitrous is considered a power adder by race classifications.
for classes that can have two power adders one can be a turbo and NOS or SC and NOS, or turbo and SC... as examples. so no NOS is not a part of all motor.
2evolved said:

true but a cam with slightly higher duration should be alright... nothing major.
if that's the case IMO its not wrth doing, u can get "Nothing major" results with generic bolt on mods and some easier stuff than a cam.
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