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Who Needz Sandy when we hAz Lou's Build thread. MID ATL chat thread V1.6 Safe 4 Ocho'

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I don't want this curse to follow me. this will be my only post in this chat :shadyhat:

You all will be fine. :shady:
You all will be fine. :shady:
And my car will go boom on the way home probably
Lotta da!!! The new thread is so fresh, we need some pics! :eyebrows: Louie where are you?
Tyler how you be?
This thread need to hurry up and get past 10 pages to I can hit the "Last Page" button.


^yeah I hashtagged where you can't hashtag.
Doing pretty good buddy, really want to sell the Civic. The s2k needz boost
Felt as if I should just repost that meme since the other thread is soon to be locked haha.
so many ironies
When he said 15g invested then sells I instally thought of people who run low times then part out the next day so I had to make a meme :dance:
Its F'in Friday. Teh little one has a soccer game tomorrow. Watching her play is pretty cool.
1 - 20 of 10004 Posts
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