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So I posted to help a guy out and my lengthy post was removed/deleted.

Here's the shortened version I retyped and reposted. Is there something wrong with this?


You should really just think about different wheels. That offset is very far out there. You will need to run a 15mm spacer just to get back to stock offset.

A 3mm spacer is ok on stock studs, a 5mm is not.
With a 15mm spacer you will either need to run extended studs: Which means pressing out the old ones, and installing the new longer ones.

If you buy the ichiba v2 spacers with the studs already mounted you may have to grind the stock studs flat so they don't hit the back of the new wheel.

What kind of offset are you hoping to achieve? If you are looking to get a 20mm, 25mm, or 30mm spacer I really suggest you simply get a different wheel in a more appropriate offset for this car.
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