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the reason why i asked they have a site on here that have a wiring harness kit for 0bd2a & 0bd2b so the car can be obd1. Then maybe we can use hondata s300.

I also saw on Hondata's site that they now offer Hondata offers P28 ECUs pre-socketed for use with the s100 and S300 tuning systems with a high quality embossed aluminum lid. These are available in a standard OBD1 style plug, or you can purchase them with a built in OBD2 adapter harness for no additional cost. You must specify whether you need an OBD 1, OBD2A or OBD2B ECU when contacting your dealer to order. Click here to determine which is the correct ECU for you. You will need to specify socketing for an s100/s200 or s300 system.

Price: $295 socketed OBD1 P28 (was $325)
Price: $295 socketed OBD1 P28 with built in OBD2 adapter (was $450)

Just wanted to share I don't know if it help us or not.
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