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What to do about crappy coils

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Greetings, I have an 07 si sedan, and frankly it handles like crap. I have raceland coils on it, and the ride is atrocious. It handles like crap, and sometimes I don't even wanna drive it.
It pings and pops at low speeds, and bumps hurt me to drive.
Plus on top of that, my q300 rattles like crazy at idle so that's even more annoying on top of the suspension issues.
What should I do? Should I just get rid of the coils and try to sell them for as much as I can and switch to something better? I just don't wanna dump a crazy amount of money into these. I'm just not sure if the issue is related to the coils or a bad alignment of the coils, since I don't think they're fully even and can't get the car to sit level.
Did I just make a mistake with buying crappy coils?
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