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What length belt 06 si w/o air conditioning?

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Need a short belt what length do I need to bypass ac compressor?
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udated profile sir. tanks for the info.
hey i have a 09 civic si sedan i saw you were active 4 days ago by any chance what is the part number on that belt?
I never found a belt number for my 06 si and my ac still hasn't blown up at 322k. My 02 ep3 si the compressor blew up at 70k so I Ran a short belt for years.
K060512 51.75 inches this belt should work. This is what I ran on my 02. It only comes in a 6 rib which worked for me for years. You may have to adjust 1/2 inch longer or shorter. But if you go to a cool auto parts store they will be able to cross reference belt sizes and try it on the car.
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