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What kind of consensus do you guys have on this EM1 cmc swap? (09 FG2)

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Hey guys, newbie stalker here. I'm getting high rpm lockouts, and a squeaky clutch. No grinds, no other problems whatsoever, so I've decided to swap in an EM1 cmc and slave.

I found this kit, that is a direct bolt on. It's a direct bolt on as the rod and clevis has already been installed into the EM1 cmc in order to bolt directly onto an 8th gen si.

What do you guys think? It sounds like a deal, and a hardmotion version of effectively the same thing can't get to me until nearly the end of the month :(

Exedy Bolt In EM1 CMC & Slave Kit for 8th Gen Honda Civic 06-11 Si (No – Valex Racing

All opinions are super appreciated! Just trying to learn!
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Did you get the kit ? I'm thinking about going the same route. Kit any good ?
I ended up using the hardmotion kit. It did exactly what it said it would do, but I'm not the largest fan of the clutch engagement after the adjustment.

Maybe swapping in that new accord master cylinder is better?
Well I just got the set you were talking about buying, ill put a review in here once it's installed
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