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I am in need of best car stereo. Anyone want to sale? OR any recommendations?
Hey guys. You should really check these out. Very affordable and very functional, and same price/cheaper than many units you can buy in an electronics store. I have a similar one to the first link below. Basically go to aliexpress and search for 'honda civic navigation'. They have been available for a few years now.

These just came out and I plan to update mine to this when they come down in price - I think they will come down in price in 6 months or so. (go to aliexpress and search for 'navigation android honda civic tesla style'). They were $750 2 weeks ago, now i see for $600 with climate control buttons, and the 3rd link is for $360 (not sure if climate control is available).

if you go with one of these new ones, be careful notice the a/c controls are removed/moved because of the size of the screen - some units like in the first link below add the buttons to the side. Other units, it is not clear if you can control the a/c on the screen or if a/c function is lost - should to confirm with the seller first.

** picture shows the a/c controls on the screen, but i did not see confirmation in the description regarding climate control
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