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What Are The Best Fuel Injectors That Are Affordable

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What are the best performance fuel injectors to get for a 2007 coupe with 1.8L engine. Also, what things should I consider when contemplating new injectors?

I have not done any engine mods other than new plugs (not really a mod, just maintenance). Might do a CAI if that’s something that would pair well with the injectors. I also saw a lot about ECU tuning etc. I’m young and would like to learn more about this area from someone who has had experience. I enjoy working on cars but don’t have near the knowledge of a majority of the people on here, and I don’t want to screw up my engine or waste money by doing a stupid mod or installing something wrong. All are welcome to comment and give advice/feedback.
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@FD7683 and @Megaman X
Okay cool, thanks guys! I had just heard a lot about them recently and didn’t know if it was something to look into but that makes total sense👍
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