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What Are The Best Fuel Injectors That Are Affordable

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What are the best performance fuel injectors to get for a 2007 coupe with 1.8L engine. Also, what things should I consider when contemplating new injectors?

I have not done any engine mods other than new plugs (not really a mod, just maintenance). Might do a CAI if that’s something that would pair well with the injectors. I also saw a lot about ECU tuning etc. I’m young and would like to learn more about this area from someone who has had experience. I enjoy working on cars but don’t have near the knowledge of a majority of the people on here, and I don’t want to screw up my engine or waste money by doing a stupid mod or installing something wrong. All are welcome to comment and give advice/feedback.
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Yea injectors don’t give you power man lmao. They are a aid in getting there but if you not boosting no need
I'm wanting to go boosted do you have any recommendations on what to go for?
Your question is not complete. What are you asking me exactly?? What turbo kit or what injectors?? So what model do you have ex or si??
I have an si, and honestly both would be nice
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