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What Are The Best Fuel Injectors That Are Affordable

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What are the best performance fuel injectors to get for a 2007 coupe with 1.8L engine. Also, what things should I consider when contemplating new injectors?

I have not done any engine mods other than new plugs (not really a mod, just maintenance). Might do a CAI if that’s something that would pair well with the injectors. I also saw a lot about ECU tuning etc. I’m young and would like to learn more about this area from someone who has had experience. I enjoy working on cars but don’t have near the knowledge of a majority of the people on here, and I don’t want to screw up my engine or waste money by doing a stupid mod or installing something wrong. All are welcome to comment and give advice/feedback.
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Well you have a R18 the 1.8 motor. I have a fully built turbo r18a. This question is asked from time to time and I don’t know why. If you are not boosting your car you don’t need injectors period.

injectors are to dump more gas if you’re tuning to add more fuel. Which means you need a bigger fuel pump as well. You don’t have any power adders so you adding a failure point in your car for what.
You can’t just added bigger injectors without tuning period. Your car will not even crank without injectors scaling

If your not building your car like I did dont waste your time and money. You don’t need injectors unless you’re boosting. The stock 185 injectors are more than enough as you’re not surpassing 170whp even with full bolt ons and tune. You need a major power adder like turbo or supercharger to even consider this option then a whole door opens up.

more mods are required then
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Yea injectors don’t give you power man lmao. They are a aid in getting there but if you not boosting no need
I'm wanting to go boosted do you have any recommendations on what to go for?

Your question is not complete. What are you asking me exactly?? What turbo kit or what injectors?? So what model do you have ex or si??
I have an si, and honestly both would be nice
Injectors are based on your power goals really. Example is you need 100cc over your goal. So if you wanted 500whp then 525cc injectors will not get you there you would need a bigger size 750cc for example. Yes you can buy to big of an injector but your tuner can scale them down but no point in overkill unless you know I’m Going to want more later.

As far as si are concerned there are alot of companies you can go with aka injector dynamics or alpha injection or DeatschWerks etc. You see the prices lol the most cost effect way is what us R18 guys do and get Acura Rdx pigtails then you can use Rdx injectors. They make them in all sizes for a fraction of cost my 750cc ones cost 169 for example

Then you have to get a bigger fuel pump as well to accommodate your power goal so keep that in mind.

Now as far as turbo kits the market is scared of the EPA so kits are drying up fast options are getting low. Right now the best available kit for the Si is the Cx racing kit then you need to upgrade parts of the kit like injectors maybe oil and water lines and eventual turbocharger itself but that will get you started. You can also still get the tsi extreme kit and I think the Greddy kit as well. There used to be a lot of kits PRL, full race, Humble performance not anymore unless you find used. Be wary of used kits and prepared to have to replace parts

As far as R18 the only option available now is Tsi extreme kit

Now supercharger for both Si and R18 have the full Kraftwerks kit available and the si also has mer racing kits as well

I have a turbo on mine as well as I have a Kraftwerks kit just sitting in a closet. You better decide now what boost option you want and buy before it’s gone. At that point you will have to create your own kit weild your own pipping header etc

Hope that helps
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