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Reinstalling the front seat would require recalibration of the air bag pressure sensors (i.e. if a child is in the seat bags won't go off..unless it's an obese child.. and if an adult is in it they will go off) which is quite expensive from Honda

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It's not really worth removing the spare tire out the trunk is it? I would remove weight for the sake of MPG and something that small doesn't really seem worth it.

Could be wrong though :dance:.
When you do a bunch of things it adds up. Getting to the track on E saves a bit too. Gas is about 6lbs per gallon. Come with 11 less gallons 66 less lbs

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OK, I definatly dont get all the hate. Let thaty boy strip the weight...

i think its funny ppl are like why srtrip weight on a civic, its a civic... thats kinda like saying why race with anything other than a mclaren F1 or Veyron...

idk ppl need to get over your selves.. i give hom props, as i want to shed weight, but cant convince my self to gut my car.. spare and jack tools and random bs like thats kool with me.

I could never remove AC in my DD, but i live in Houston Texas, so lol..

either way, mcuh props for shedding so much weight..

also is there anyway to link an excel spread sheet? as i think this would be one of the best threads to leave it in.. its got wheel weights of like 3000 different rims... anyways let me know how to link it and i will!

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There is some great info in this thread. Some of you saying weight reduction is pointless are making me kind of sad to be a Honda driver though. Sure, 100 lbs is probably worth less than a tenth in the quarter... but are you honestly that guy who is concerned about what your Honda runs in the quarter? Give me ******* a break.

Run your Honda in the mountains or on the track where it belongs and 100 lbs offers a slight edge across the board that can't be quantified... An edge in acceleration, an edge in braking, an edge on corner entries, an edge in quick weight transfer, an edge in tire life, the list goes on. What does that bolt-on get you again? :facepalm:

The extinction of real driving enthusiasts is upon us the moment we have people saying weight reduction mods are dumb.

That said....

front passenger seat on the sedan Si weighs 56 lbs. driver seat is about 58lbs.

i think i have one of the lightest 4 doors out...

K20z3allmotor, that is impressive work. Would you share a bit more about your biggest hitting mods in getting that light? I assume seats were the biggest...

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so much useful info in this thread...

here in brazil our Si come with fullsize spare tires... and extra styrofoam to level the truck floor to the higher width.

My 2010 FA5 is on a diet already.

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iv searched a lot. looking for model specific idea.
my car will be tracked regulary still drivable on the street though.
my last project was a 94 4dr EG with k24a2 swap. weighed 1996lbs

completely stock car.
so far I removed....
hood insulation
rear headrests.
trunk lining
exhaust heat shields
brake dust shields
iaa delete
evap delete
intake cover
coil n plug cover
2nd o2 sensor brackets
resonator box
rear view mirror (wink mirror and tint banner)
strut tower tray
spare, jack, tools

will replace parts with lighter...
rear upper control arms
exhaust and cat delete(manifold and cat is super heavy)
bseries Alt
front calipers with aluminum spoon.
sunroof with homemade CF plug
lug nuts
radiator fans
intake mani brace
flywheel (with k24a2 swap)

should a few hundred. as long as its more nimble.
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