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This needs a bit of an update regarding the wiring. You can primarily use the NOS 2 step controller for the entire NOS activation.

The C plug on the ecu which is the closest to the firewall is where you will tap into the ecu to connect the controller.

Red/Black wire is the TPS wire for signal

You can use any ignition signal wire, I used the Yellow/Green one to tap into the RPMS.

When you setup the controller, leave the size of engine on the controller to "00" not "04" because the signal is reading the coil directly and not an actual tach signal which is 2.9 volts.

Also make sure to get a bottle warmer with your setup. Helps to keep your pressure at 950PSI.

If you can also add a purge solenoid to release the air in the line or the first time you pull with the nitrous everytime after opening the bottle you will have decreased pressure due to air in the line.

Any other questions let me know.
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