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I was talking to Tom (to177si) regarding setting up a weekly meet in the San Jose area (where many of us are within proximity). This will give us an opportunity where we can constantly stay in touch with each other and help us grow, and just chillout, etc. Thursday nights are usually the most suitable for most people.
Also, the meet spot is not too far from highway 9!!! With that in mind, we can meet and then cruise up highway 9 in those sick and twisty roads, which should be hella fun!!!! :thumb:

Without further due....

Every Thursday nights at 8:00 PM

NEW meet spot: Taco Bell parking lot
Actual address: 535 West Capitol Expressway
San Jose, CA 95136


- There are no OFFICIAL rules that will be enforced, but be forewarned... if your actions are offensive to others and/or jeopardize our 'reputation' then you will be asked to leave and not return. We will NOT be 'that' car crowd that is obnoxious and causes trouble for the people around us and attracts cops (though sometimes that is unavoidable). Basically... dont be stupid! I think that is not too much to ask for since most of us here are grown adults and we should very well act like one!
Oh... and also, I ask that you guys please respect the property of the parking lot and DO NOT litter your food/garbage. There is literally a dumpster less than 100 feet away. No excuses will be tolerated for this!!!! Nuff' said.......I hope I made myself clear!

Some pics from previous meets:

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Hey Mo, you all doing the "thing" tonight?

Update on the car: Dynospot has little more than a hull left on my 2006. Head is being ported and polished as I type. Per Lawerence, all the parts are at the shop for the K24 build. We are going to use smaller forged pistons than we originally considered so we can use a larger NOS shot. Unfortunitely, it looks like the only salvagable part from the Supercharger kit is the intake manifold. That is going to cost me a few grand I was not planning on. SIK has several parts they are coating for me, so soon the build will begin. Lawrence wants to install the Brembo's and a new Coilover suspension first. Got any recommendations on a good, adjustable coilover set-up? Looking for one where you can control the ride in the car.

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