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Hey guys - thanks for stopping in

Went to the dealership last week for an oil change and to have them inspect my motor mounts as I suspected them to be on their way out with all of the engine movement I was getting between shifts as well as engine bounce after shifts

Rear lower broken - Side mount broken

I had already ordered Boombas (thanks guys) and had them in the car should the dealership come back with this kind of news

I have a certified 08 FA5 so I had them ask if I could have the techs just throw on the boombas and sign away future warranty issues relating to the mounts

Corporate told my advisor that they could not approve the boombas because they "might" cause issues somewhere else - although no cases of boombas have been reported to them they preferred I just use OEM mounts

While I cant say I am surprised at corporate spending MORE money than just letting me get my boombas installed I am happy the techs listened to my advice on the mounts and caught the faults early.

Honda WILL cover motor mounts as part of their powertrain warranty - my dealership DID NOT STOCK the mounts so I have to wait until they order them and receive them "by monday or sooner" I was told

I will ask for the broken mounts and take pics to upload for others who may have issues with their dealerships not warrantying stock mounts which are known to fail.

I am also going to get the rear update for the "belt sander" tire wear problem -- my rears had the wear others have cited as an update so I will let you know how that goes as well. So far its par for the course and while I am not jumping for joy at stock torque mounts I am releived that the engine movement will be put in check until I can have the boombas installed at RACELINE USA - they do amazing work but obviously labor costs arent cheap and I just threw on RS3's on all 4 corners, bought boombas and Hybrid Racing EM1 CMC kit lol Car is getting alot of love and feeling better every step
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