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Hi all

Have a 2008 civic si sedan with 200k on it.

I have had the vsa light go one randomly over last few months, and a few times the cars rev limiter kick in at 3k not letting me go faster then that.

i just tore apart my throttle body to clean(a whole separate issue). got new spark plugs in and cleaned throttle body.

put car back together(need to change couple of sensors to fix that car bottoming out issue)

but i started to drive and vsa popped on pretty quickly. and just continued!! even to the fact if i slowed down on highway it would do it.

only way to fix it is to turn car off and restart it. from what i can gather its the fuse and relay need to be replaced. fuse under hood is easy, 27(i think was number). however the relay eludes me. ive looked at schematic online to see which one it is, but cant figure it out.

Does anyone know which relay it us under the hood?
i literally at 50mph had to shut my car off on highway and restart it.

Unless anyone has any other idea what it might be to get this fixed.

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