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Volvo Cars has recently announced the recall of some 56,000 vehicles due to separate problems.

According to Volvo Cars spokeswoman Maria Bohlin around 38,000 diesel cars of the S60, V70, XC70, and XC90 models that were made in 2006 were being recalled in Europe due to material fault that could cause the motor to catch fire. She further explains that the fuel injector plants or bolts that are located on top of the motor cylinder were defective and might cause for diesel to leak out into the motor.

All affected vehicles will be given injector plants or bolts for free in a procedure that will take about two hours.

The other reason for the recall is due to air bag defects which affect 18,000 of the latest V70 and XC70 models. Ms. Bohlin said that there is a high risk that these air bags will not launch fast enough.

The recall is being conducted even though it is not yet clear how many British fire accidents happened caused by the said defects. Ms. Bohlin has also not revealed how much the recalls and maintenance work would cost the company.

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