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Vit's epic GO Power Motorsports build thread

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As you may or may not know, I have a spare K20 that has been sitting in pieces since it dropped a valve almost 2 years ago. I have been in cahoots with GO Power recently to build that motor and turn the FG2 into a tranny wrecking monster. I'll be updating this thread as well as my blog ( My VTEC Broke ) as the build progresses.

Details of the build:
  • ERL Sleeved block, Darton MID sleeves
  • 88mm bore (2.1L)
  • 10.4:1 custom Wiseco pistons
  • Custom GO Power rods
  • Custom GO Power turbo cams
  • GO Power turbo manifold
  • GO Power downpipe
  • GO Power 3.5" intake
  • Comp Turbo CT43-6465 turbocharger (.96 a/r)
  • 1280cc GO Power injectors
  • GO Power fuel return
  • SRT Billet Dual Pump hanger
  • Dual Deatschwerks DW300 pumps (big thanks to Deatschwerks for providing great pumps!)
  • GO Power Intercooler
  • Pocket ported head
  • Innovative motor mounts
  • PPG 1-4 helical gearset
  • Gearspeed syncros
  • .87 ratio 5th gear
  • .738 ratio 6th gear
  • 4.105 Final Drive
  • GO Power Coilovers
  • GO Power 3" Exhaust
  • AEM Wideband & Gauge
  • AEM Boost Gauge
  • XLR8 Dual Gauge Pod holder
  • Competition Clutch Twin Disc clutch
  • Turbosmart Wastegate & BOV

Obviously this list is a summary of the major components (but Vit, what plugs are you using?? ROFL).

The journey to GO Power begins, k20 in the back and in the front:
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Bout friggin time Vit. That being said, it doesn't take a lot to break a honda tranny, I know for a fact a "tsi" can do it.

This ninja is subbed
Oh I am so sub'd to this :excited:
If you do the tranny right this will be the best build on the forum. A 8374 twinscroll .92ar with the right cams is going to spool as fast as a 30r and make almost 800hp if not more. This car will be straight sick.
:rotfl: Vit and I are literally laughing our asses off...
We are now 17 miles from Weed..................

California, it's a town. :giggle:
Sub'd this build is going to be amazing. Can't wait to see the end result.
I spy a box from autogeek with PBMA tape.:like:
i already foresee Vit's turbo penis growing
Ya Vit is already a cocky prick, with such a huge turbo penis he will become a cocky prick of epic proportions. This board might get interesting again.

sleeves are for a piece of mind but k20a has tons of cars making 650-700 on stock sleeves and doing fine
21 - 40 of 4677 Posts
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