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Vit's epic GO Power Motorsports build thread

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As you may or may not know, I have a spare K20 that has been sitting in pieces since it dropped a valve almost 2 years ago. I have been in cahoots with GO Power recently to build that motor and turn the FG2 into a tranny wrecking monster. I'll be updating this thread as well as my blog ( My VTEC Broke ) as the build progresses.

Details of the build:
  • ERL Sleeved block, Darton MID sleeves
  • 88mm bore (2.1L)
  • 10.4:1 custom Wiseco pistons
  • Custom GO Power rods
  • Custom GO Power turbo cams
  • GO Power turbo manifold
  • GO Power downpipe
  • GO Power 3.5" intake
  • Comp Turbo CT43-6465 turbocharger (.96 a/r)
  • 1280cc GO Power injectors
  • GO Power fuel return
  • SRT Billet Dual Pump hanger
  • Dual Deatschwerks DW300 pumps (big thanks to Deatschwerks for providing great pumps!)
  • GO Power Intercooler
  • Pocket ported head
  • Innovative motor mounts
  • PPG 1-4 helical gearset
  • Gearspeed syncros
  • .87 ratio 5th gear
  • .738 ratio 6th gear
  • 4.105 Final Drive
  • GO Power Coilovers
  • GO Power 3" Exhaust
  • AEM Wideband & Gauge
  • AEM Boost Gauge
  • XLR8 Dual Gauge Pod holder
  • Competition Clutch Twin Disc clutch
  • Turbosmart Wastegate & BOV

Obviously this list is a summary of the major components (but Vit, what plugs are you using?? ROFL).

The journey to GO Power begins, k20 in the back and in the front:
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look like a sick build in the process. cant wait to see this one turn out
This thread is useless...

Dude I don't think that fuel pump will be able to flow for the amount of power you will be making.
I guess you're the expert on fuel pumps :giggle:

You realize a single Walbro can do 600whp?
I never said Im an expert, I said "I don't think it'll flow enough" but maxing that turbo out will be around 750+whp so that's why I said that. If it flows enough good for you I was just saying. No need to be a ****.
You said you were going to max the turbo out, so I was guessing that was goin to be on race gas which would put u up around 750whp possibly more.
Any work to the ignition system. Wondering if I need any ignition system work before I go for big power
Vit give me a review of your gearing. Need to hear from you before I do anything
Damn. Well sounds like I'm going with your gear set up
i made 620whp on mixture c16 and 93 pump on about 20lbs. so since your just on pump what did u make??
that was the first pull went up from there, just saw 20 lbs so thought id chime in
Vit, cars in the shop getting tranny done, 4.105 FD, TSX5th, RSX6th. Can't wait to take it out on the streets with this set up.
1 - 20 of 4677 Posts
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