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Vit's epic GO Power Motorsports build thread

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As you may or may not know, I have a spare K20 that has been sitting in pieces since it dropped a valve almost 2 years ago. I have been in cahoots with GO Power recently to build that motor and turn the FG2 into a tranny wrecking monster. I'll be updating this thread as well as my blog ( My VTEC Broke ) as the build progresses.

Details of the build:
  • ERL Sleeved block, Darton MID sleeves
  • 88mm bore (2.1L)
  • 10.4:1 custom Wiseco pistons
  • Custom GO Power rods
  • Custom GO Power turbo cams
  • GO Power turbo manifold
  • GO Power downpipe
  • GO Power 3.5" intake
  • Comp Turbo CT43-6465 turbocharger (.96 a/r)
  • 1280cc GO Power injectors
  • GO Power fuel return
  • SRT Billet Dual Pump hanger
  • Dual Deatschwerks DW300 pumps (big thanks to Deatschwerks for providing great pumps!)
  • GO Power Intercooler
  • Pocket ported head
  • Innovative motor mounts
  • PPG 1-4 helical gearset
  • Gearspeed syncros
  • .87 ratio 5th gear
  • .738 ratio 6th gear
  • 4.105 Final Drive
  • GO Power Coilovers
  • GO Power 3" Exhaust
  • AEM Wideband & Gauge
  • AEM Boost Gauge
  • XLR8 Dual Gauge Pod holder
  • Competition Clutch Twin Disc clutch
  • Turbosmart Wastegate & BOV

Obviously this list is a summary of the major components (but Vit, what plugs are you using?? ROFL).

The journey to GO Power begins, k20 in the back and in the front:
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interested to see what the turbo manifold is gunna look like.
i think some people need to take go pwr or jeff off this alter some have put him on. i dont want to talk trash but just shed some light for you guys. "go pwr rods" r not go pwrs they r made in china and brought in by a company "rpm" in so cal. these are the same rods bp uses. also go pwr is being sold......
yea they do the same with the 575 header.. when i got that thing i swore id never even consider go power as legit company again.

everyone is on there balls tho bro.

3 months ago if u had said something was made in china..

jay..vit.. any of them would be like screw that Chinese junk dude blah blah..

not now tho.. everything is made in china because gopower out sources lol.
Really? You think I am / have been that ignorant regarding manufacturing? Wow. :rotfl: I'm honestly surprised how many people think their "made in usa" or "made by usa company" parts MUST have come from or been made in the USA. That's almost never the case.
if i spent half the day looking through your posts i could find quite a few posts where you say something bad about chinese parts..

but now that go power uses chinese parts.. its ok?
All comes down to who is paying who.

I'm typing on a chinese made KB, using a chinese made MB in my pc with chinese made monitors at my desk that was..... oh snap probably made in china.


I'm a hater, I love to talk ****... just like you Matt. We can co-hate together, it's ok.
troof. haters gunna hate yo.

but i mean its obvious your computer and KB are chinese..

but i really dont want chinese rods.

im just a go power hater.. cant help it
kinda seemed like you were struggling with finding something nice to say muc lmao.
car gunna be slow yo!

needs hella flush pink and neon wheels from japan yo.. with a frat symbol for center caps yo... gotta be 17x10 with 190 tires yo.. stancin on you YO!

after you do that it will be a real honda.

k cool.

**says the guy with minimal and irrelevant pics in both of his build threads**
what is ur beater?

im gunna assume its a honda of sorts.
No, it's an escort!
aw.. to bad.

mustangs are one of my favs. ppl give the new 5.0 way to much credit tho.

what motor does this escort have.

dont they do a whole bunch of stuff with those in Europe?
It's got a 2.0L DOHC piece of crap motor in it. All the ones in europe got all the cool ****.
Figures.. ford europe gets all the cool stuff.

50 shot on in it or no balls..

or are u one of those people who hates nitrous lol.
^^ Uh ya that's true for almost every car! America gets the boring **** cause they know most people here are too ignorant and dull to tell the difference.
plus they have the roads to enjoy something like that, here there are lots of restrictions and mass traffic.

the car companies here target the fat over weight american who sits in traffic on the way to work with a liter of coffee and 3 sausage biscuits..

no need for turbos and cool stuff.
Hey you ass-hole, I love my sausage biscuits. Go choke on some weed.
been going at that since i was 15.. stopped choking on it years ago.

just sneeze threw it now lol.

hey and last time i checked you were rather slinder.. or so that video on street fire of you yanking cobbs cob revealed Llololololol

so u can eat all the biscuits you want.
killed it
look at the seats from a 80s model ford then look at the seats in a new model ford.. along with the cup holders its VERYYY obvious.
I've never smoked weed :shrug:

And I hate sausage biscuits :giggle:
i dont smoke it either.

thats old school.. good way to get cancer too.

vaporize my brutha

**waits to be banned**

my breakfast consists of a fruit smoothie and a 90 calorie special k bar.. followed by a raw egg shot
Yeah my buddy at my work has leukemia and he vaporizes every morning to deal with the pain / nausea from his chemo.
yep thats the only way to do it.

its 200x better that way anywas.
My liver loves Jack
i dont know if yall get alot of kentucky bourbon up there but if you ever find it or get a chance to try SOMEEE......

get some bulleit bourbon. its amazing.


1 - 20 of 4677 Posts
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