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Prefer Socal buyers, but if there aren't any for a couple of days, I'll consider shipping. Buyers pay for shipping of course.

Weathertech Visors (Coupe) - Slight scratch indicated in pictures below, but there isn't any major damage. I bought the darkest tint they had brand new a month ago.

Asking Price: $45 OBO. (SOLD!)

Comptech SS (Doesn't fit 09s) - Been working perfect for me, it's just I moved onto an 09 and it doesn't fit on these models. Bought it from trickyazn for $55 a month ago. I'll include the blue cap on it, I don't need it. It comes with all the screws needed to put it on the stock shifter, just need the allen wrench.

Asking Price: $50 OBO. (SOLD to armyzfinest!)

08' MAF sensor - Got it off my 08, but I guess I don't need it?

Asking Price: ?

08' Coupe Si Floor Mats - Removed them when I picked up my fg2 last year, no one has ever stood on them. I'll post pics when I can.

Asking Price: $70 OBO. (SOLD to LakewoodSI2007!)

08' Coupe Si Springs - Removed them at 10k miles.

Asking Price: $50 OBO.

08' Si Stock Airbox - Removed at 8k miles

Asking Price: $40 OBO.

09' Sedan Mudguards - Brand new

Asking Price: $50 OBO

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yeah the floor mats have Si logos on them.

The visors, I'll take a better pic in a second and update the post.

The SS may be pending right now. No I won't go lower than the price. $50 picked up or shipped at buyer's expensive.

Thanks for understanding guys.
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