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I have a 2010 EX-L and did some interior modifications, and am very satisfied with current setup. So just want to post and hope it will help someone who have similar needs.
My initial request is to have CarPlay, so I purchased Sony XAV-AX1000 online, which I think is the best compared to any other competitors:
1. It’s a certified CarPlay stereo so no need to worry about compatibility or stability
2. It wakes up fast(less than 5 seconds from ignition)
3. It has a knob so I can change volume much faster than tap + or -
4. It has a USB port on front panel so I do not need to have a dangling cable outside
5. It adapts to headlights
6. Reasonable price.

From stereo to backup camera, including all required adapters, total cost is 350 and I totally can accept.

Stereo is installed and everything seems perfect, except for one thing: steering wheel control. I can’t understand how important they are after lost them, so immediately I purchased an interface(PAC SWI-RC-1), which is the cheapest but the best, easy setup and great response time, I love it.

So after all hard work, I finally have all functions I need:
1. CarPlay
2. Steering wheel control
3. Backup camera

I would definitely recommend all items I have purchased as they worth every penny I spent, and truly hope this post may help one who want some similar upgrades.

I must exaggerate many so just laugh if something sounds hilarious, but, I do love this forum and hope everyone have their best setup.

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