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Vendors are encouraged to participate in the main open forum. Please keep your posts technical in nature and helpful to the members. We understand you don't make money giving out free advice, however we also don't want this place to look like a magazine where you are reading good information only to come across where vendors start advertising deals or links to their site for pricing. Members will realize that you know what you are talking about and look up your site or click on your link in your signature.

Members view those with different user titles such as Moderators, Supermoderators, Administrators, Sponsors, etc. as having more experience and may take what we say as truth over some of the other members who know just as much if not more than the rest of us. Please make sure information and advice you give is true, don't try to repeat something you heard that you think is true, as that can give yourself, as well as the site a bad name when it doesn't work out how the member was hoping based on your input.

We understand many times vendors know their limits and will refer to another vendor who specializes in products that suit someone more than what they carry, however, other times, products overlap and especially when it comes to manufacturers, we ask that you respect your competitors, no matter their sales tactics, customer service experiences or product quality. Sometimes one company struggles with a product line, if enough people have problems, members will see not to use their products. There is no sense in rubbing salt in someone's wounds.

Showcase threads - We enjoy seeing threads about new products and vehicle build ups, however we don't want this place looking like nothing but an advertisement. We are going to allow one thread per company to be in the general forum, in whichever section is appropriate. We don't want to get into a monthly special or pricing thread, but rather a way to show off something new to the industry or a buildup of your vehicle like a member would. Please keep the information technical and not a direct sales pitch. If you already have a thread in the open section, please ask one of the staff members to move it to your section before creating a new one in the open section again. Feel free to do this with either a PM or by reporting the post (better method since it goes to every staff member). We feel this one thread total rule should help keep the forum organized, streamlined and gain you folks a little more exposure in the forum.

Please refrain from talking about pricing in the open forum. If someone directly asks where they can get the best deal on a product, you may post pricing there. If someone is just asking where they can get a particular part, you can let them know you carry the product, but don't mention pricing at that point. This will gain you exposure, but we'd rather threads not turn into sales competition threads. If they are asking how a product works, please don't try to work a sales pitch into the reply, keep those posts technical so the information can flow without sorting through advertising.

Group buys are reserved on this site for vendors so that you guys don't miss out on your cut for sales. If you see any group buys not being done through a site vendor, please report them so we can enforce the rule.

We understand your reputation is one of your best selling features. While we encourage people to speak up and say when they have a good experience with your product, those members who frequently talk about a vendor or a majority of their posts are about a vendor may result in a cheerleading infraction.

You have received moderation privileges in your own forum. You have the ability to sticky, unsticky, delete threads/posts, view thread history, etc. Please use this responsibly. You may have an occasional user who has a problem with your products, we do not want you to use your powers to remove these types of posts. Please show off your great customer service and help turn that thread into a positive one where people see you take care of them before, during and after the sale. Deleting old specials you have run is acceptable since they are no longer relevant. Please do not hard delete threads, only soft delete them and enter a reason for deletion so the staff is aware of the thought process if we have to investigate any issues. Abuse of this privilege will result in removal of these powers.

We encourage vendor discussions amongst yourselves. There is a dedicated section to the vendors that we urge you to subscribe to so you can see anything we want to run by the vendors and any problem users/discussion/suggestions you guys might have can be brought up. This area is only viewable by supporting vendors and staff, so you don't have to worry about members seeing what you post in that area. http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/vendors/

We also have an area dedicated to buyer and seller disputes. We encourage you to read posts and if you want to help a customer who had a poor experience out, by all means, PM them and work something out. They can edit their post to reflect that you took care of them and show your customer service. Buyer & Seller Disputes - 8th Generation Honda Civic Forum
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