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This thread is reserved for indexing all our events and meets and the photos/videos taken on those meets. I will try to manage this thread as best I can.

Feel free to upload any photos/videos you have, but let's keep the conversations to a minimum on this thread. Also, don't forget to give credit to the person who took the pictures if they're not yours.

In your posts, include the date of the meet and the name of the meet.

1 - [10 June 2006] Plaza of Nations Meet

2 - [24 June 2006] Stanley Park Meet

3 - [15 July 2006] Burnaby Mountain Meet #1

4 - [31 August 2006] Pukuyo/1chin3s3_boi Mini-Meet

5 - [1 September 2006] Burnaby Mountain Meet #2

6 - [29 September 2006] Whistler/Squamish Cruise

7 - [7 October 2006] Cypress Mountain Photoshoot

8- [21 October 2006] UBC/Spanish Banks Photoshoot

9- [29 October 2006] Vancouver EP3/FG Photoshoot

10- [3 February 2007] Tim Hortons/Iona Beach

11- [25 february 2007] VCC UBC Meet

12 - [26 May 2007] Whistler Domin8tion 2007

13 - [1 Jun 2007] Canada Day Meet

14 - [7 Jul 2007] Late Night Photoshoot

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Royce said:
:yeahthat: Hey im game.. i see alot of the states/CA specificly have bi/weekly meets, whats the deal? =)

ya, i guess the import/car scene is just much bigger down there.

i know the s2k guys down states have weekly meets at a big parking lot on tuesdays for "taco tuesdays" haha. and looking at pictures and stuff they are constantly bringing out atleast 20 cars every week.

me and a couple other guys are trying get one of the revscene mods to try and set up like a designated import/car scene spot where ppl can just come out every week and check out ppl's cars and stuff and maybe go on a cruise afterwards.

but one guy just started as of last week setting up a meet/cruise every friday or saturday. ill prob try and check some of those meets out.

p.s. WOOT....20th post.
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