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Valve lash at 100K miles, 2010 Civic EX R18 AUto

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I am guilty of "delayed maintenance".
I have done NOTHING to my car in 6 years. :-(
Except tires / brakes. And I never let my oil go below "10%"
Did valves, Antifreeze change, and new thermostat today.
ALL my ex valves were at .013-.014". !!!
ALL my in were .009-.010

Never heard a click or tick that I didn't write off as "loud injector".

Waiting for "3 hours before starting" per Honda book. Not sure needed, but better safe than sorry.

( never abused, never over 5k rpm unless really necessary)

will update if it runs better / different
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Feels like it pulls a little harder. Or I'm feeling optimistic.
Will update if MPG change.
OK, that's weird.
my reply to my own post... deleted my original post ???

WHY ???
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