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V2LAB The Zombie Meat (Mystery Meat 3) Orlando, FL OCT 19th 2014

We are having our yearly MEAT this October!
Last year's MM2 had over 7K cars and 10k people! est. by the city of Orlando.

Already booked my flight! ravi(V2LAB) already got me a free room at the sponsored hotel!
hotel party the night before the meat!
so if you want to just crash at the room just message me.


WHEN: October 19, 2014


WHERE: Downtown Orlando
201 S Orange Ave, Orlando, Florida 32801

A little bit of information:
I / V2lab would like to make this a Halloween event; So if possible come dressed as a zombie (#zombiemeat)! And as always this is an all ages event and everyone is welcome no matter what you drive (or if you have to walk...or ride a bike..or crawl...?). We'd also like to get the vendors (when released) to pass out candy to kids!

Downtown • Orlando, Florida

Versiontwo Laboratory ? V2lab.com
Versiontwo Laboratory
@versiontwo (instagram)

If you need any additional information: [email protected]

#ZombieMeat #MM3 #V2LAB


Vossen Wheels | V2LAB Mystery Meat 2 | 2013 (Orlando) - YouTube

Vossen Wheels | V2LAB Mystery Meat 2 | 2013 - YouTube

V2lab Mystery Meat - YouTube

V2LAB Mystery Meat 2 | 2013 - YouTube

for more search youtube "v2lab mystery meat"

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go again this year! going to be HUGE AF!


MORE INFO ---> Versiontwo Laboratory – V2Lab’s Mystery Meat 2

Use this link for your posts on any forums & websites :

That way every time we make an update; the flyer will update on the hot-linked pages!

The show as stated is taking place in downtown Orlando; April 14th 2013 – from 10am to 4pm.
- Parking is free in designated areas. The event is free to attend.
If you have any questions feel free to leave comments on the Facebook RSVP Page (link below)

RSVP on Facebook here : http://www.facebook.com/events/149938171825748


Free entry for the first time in >Dunkxchange History!

Click here for the Dunkxchange Information page.

If you would like to become a vendor or more information about Dunkxchange – please email : [email protected]

Grindtime Now

There will be a live Grindtime Now Event taking place during the Meet as well; We’ll release details on that soon! Also as the Dunkxchange – This will be a FREE Event also for anyone who wants to attend!

First announced battle: PH (Pumpkinhead)(NY) vs. Tru Logik (FL) / Jonny Storm vs. Conceited / & more.

For more information visit : Grindtimenow.net

Free Skateboarding – Street Course

Free for all; Free Skateboarding course for any and everyone who wants to skate. Anyone 18 and under will require a legal guardian to sign the waiver to skate.

BBOY Battles



*****In the event of it Hurricaning on Sunday -> The back up plan is to have the entire event inside the “ORANGE COUNTY COURT HOUSE – PARKING GARAGE.”
(We will figure it out so people can exit through the entrance since there is no steep-incline that way)************


Main area of Downtown parking of all the parking we have acquired.

There is FREE Meter parking (this doesn’t mean park sideways into the road at a meter, or block sidewalks – park in an actual space) > all the way from Colonial to Washington on Orange Ave. – There is free meters all the way around Lake Eola. There are free meters everywhere – you just have to find them – they are Free on Sundays. Be smart. Keep your car safe. There will be people EVERYWHERE.

>> Last year the meet spanned from Garland to the end of Summerlin (google that if you need to see how wide that is)

How to avoid having your car towed;
- Don’t park in lots that say “Do not park here.”
- Listen to people/staff when they say “This is not a lot you are allowed to park in”
- Do not park ON sidewalks.
- Do not argue with police. They will can and probably will beat you; I will not save you.

Things you should know/do/don’t do;
- Please do not show up at 7:30am while the vendors are trying to park and unload – you will be in one big cluster ****..
- EXTRA Overflow parking is at the OLD Amway Arena Parking lot.
- The Skate area is on Pine Street.
- If a car is coming – don’t walk in front of it.
- Look both ways before crossing the street.
- Don’t do burn outs. It’s not cool, It was never cool, and it will never cool.
- A lot of clubs & bars are open; They will also be handing out free Drink cards and such; If you drink have a designated driver.
- This event is for all ages.
- Make your girlfriend/s wear yoga pants.
- Grindtime Battles will be at Urban Flats
- Dunkxchange will be under i-4 Nearest to Church street.
- Buy stuff.
- You can bring Pets, If you bring a Lion or a Giraffe; I will give you free stickers.

And remember if you don’t have a good time around all of your friends, you’re probably a terrible person anyways. Have a good day

If i missed anything feel free to ask; Please Share this.
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