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using spacers properly??

Hi guy. I have a set of 17x8+48 Enkeis that I'm trying to sell, but my end up using in the long run. Obviously I've considered using spacers for a flusher look (somewhere between 5-10mm). I have a few questions and concerns, and I'd appreciate any clarification I can get.

1) If spacers just push the wheel out, what will the centering ring & wheel rest on...is it just going to be supported by the studs themselves or do the spacers have a lip themselves?

2) I assume extended studs are a must, but I've also seen some spacers that have their own studs built in, are those for a different application? If I do get extended studs I assume I can't use oem lug nuts when running the stock wheels since they're too short, correct?

Thanks guys, I appreciate all input.
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