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I came across a collection of articles that talk about reducing unsprung weight and i wanted to contribute to the site. Some of the articles are extreme (SEE FINDING FREE POWER) but still good reads.

(FYI i recently bought a MX-5 as a project drift car which is why a lot of the links pertain to MX-5's)


About Unsprung Weight
Unsprung weight - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Unsprung Weight, Part 1
Weight Reduction Performance Parts - Popular Hot Rodding Magazine

Size Matters

Finding Free Power
SCC Technical Assistance Program

Bicycles and Unsprung Weight

Fixing the 350Z: Why Lawyers Want Everyone to Run Staggered Setups

Picking the Right Wheels For You
Articles: Wheels of Fortune: Grassroots Motorsports Magazine

Automobile Ride, Handling, and Suspension Design
Automobile Ride, Handling, and Suspension

Rotational Advice
MX-5 Miata Forum - Rotational weight advice please

If larger wheels are bad...why do sports cars have them?...
MX-5 Miata Forum - If larger wheels are so bad, why does every sports car in the world have them?

Wheel Weight, Who Cares?
MX-5 Miata Forum - Wheel weight--who cares?

1 Lb of unsprung weight =?? Static weight
MX-5 Miata Forum - 1lb wheel weight= __ off total car weight

Wheel Weights....Can They Make a Difference?
MX-5 Miata Forum - Wheel weights...can they make a difference?

33.5 lbs/Corner Too Heavy??
MX-5 Miata Forum - Whadda think? 33.5 lbs/corner too heavy?

Don't Small Wheels Mean Heavier Tires?
MX-5 Miata Forum - Don't small wheels mean heavier tires?

Whats With Huge Wheels?
MX-5 Miata Forum - What's with huge wheels

I'm Finally Completely Convinced About Lighter Wheels and Tires
MX-5 Miata Forum - I'm finally completely convinced about lighter wheels and tires

Do Wider Tires REALLY Provide More Traction?
MX-5 Miata Forum - Do wider tires REALLY provide more traction?

Unsprung Weight 101
MX-5 Miata Forum - Light Weight Wheels...Unsprung weight....Physics...Krispy Kreme...am I crazy?

Unsprung Weight Effects Performance?
MX-5 Miata Forum - unsprung weight?? affects performance??

WO! The Joy of Lightweight Wheels!!!!
MX-5 Miata Forum - WO! THE JOY OF 6.5 lbs. WHEELS!!!

0-60 simplified wheel physics and garfield's wheel test
MINI2 - Page not found

Lightweight Wheels
Lightweight wheels - MINI2 - MINI Forum

16 or 17 Inch Wheels?
17" or 16" wheels? - MINI2 - MINI Forum

18 or 19 Inch Wheels?
18inch or 19inch wheels - MINI2 - MINI Forum

Wheel Weight and Performance

page 1 - page 2 - page 3

Some Wheel Weight Sites
Wheelspecs.com :: Free wheel database :: street, racing, and off-road wheels & rims :: specs, weights, photos
Miata Garage Tires and Wheels

Hopefully you'll find some of these links usefu, Enjoy :thumb:

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Nice post.

Unsprug weight is one of the reasons I am drawn to Swift Springs for my FA5. Not that I want to do lighter wheels (and or tires) at the moment, but their springs are suppposed to be lighter to reduce unsprung weight as well. Gotta start somewhere.
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