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So I bought a used 09 Civic SI Sedan from an Acura dealer, and while reading up on 8th gen, I've come to the conclusion that the SIs are supposed to come with a Rear Sway Bar?

I checked under my car, and no Rear Sway Bar to be found! Could it be that the previous owner took it out? Do you guys suggest I get a RSB to replace my non-existent one?

If so, which brand would you consider (one with no problems). I read up on here that Progress gives problems, but includes all hardware. Does Eibach come with all the hardware needed for install? Keep in mind I currently do not have a sway bar, so I can't use existing parts from it.

And where have you guys found the best deal for a RSB, or a front/rear sway bar combo? I'm leaning towards Eibach if it comes with all the hardware needed for install.

Thanks a lot!
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