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Upgrading stock piston rings

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So I have my K20Z3 at the machine shop now getting checked out after spinning a rod bearing. So far they said I might need a new crankshaft, if they can't machine it to spec.

Now, I feel like this issue happened in the first place (other than me not checking the oil like every week) was because the piston rings allowed a LOT of oil blow-by, exhibited by a ton of carbon on the tops of the pistons. A honda service guy also told me that the rings are somewhat defective, but I was recommended to not have them take apart my car to determine that by someone else.

Either way, the motor got messed up, so I'm looking to avoid this sort of problem in the future.

I am waiting to see if they can keep the stock bore of the cylinders, but they looked good to me. still had factory cross hatching.

Off sizes aside, I am looking for a brand that makes a re-ring kit for these pistons, or at least an engine gasket kit that includes the rings.

I see Brian Crower and similar stuff, but I am not looking to do any sort of upgrades in terms of bolt ons, or changing any other internals to increase power.

Any recommendations from you guys for locating re-ring kits that are better than what I can get from Honda or Rock Auto, etc.

Thanks :)
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