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Dunlop Get Up to $80 Rebate

Get Up to $80 by Mail-In Rebate

When you purchase a set of four (4) select Dunlop tires you may be eligible to receive up to an $80 rebate by mail. Offer valid on tires purchased from in-stock inventory between 12:00 a.m. EDT May 1, 2010 and 11:59 p.m. EDT July 10, 2010.
Tires Eligible for $80 Rebate
SP Sport Maxx®
SP Sport Maxx® DSST RunOnFlat
SP Sport Maxx® 101™
SP Sport Maxx® A™
SP Sport Maxx® A1™
SP Sport Maxx® A1-A A/S
SP Sport Maxx® A1 A/S
SP Sport Maxx® GT
SP Sport Maxx® GT DSST® SP Sport Maxx® TT
SP Sport® 01™ DSST®
SP Sport® 01™ DSST RunOnFlat
SP Sport® 01A DSST® RunOnFlat
SP Sport® 01™ A/S DSST® RunOnFlat
SP Sport® 600 DSST CTT
SP Sport® 4000T DSST
SP Sport® 5000M DSST CTT
SP Sport® 7010 A/S DSST

Tires Eligible for $40 Rebate
Grandtrek® SJ5
Grandtrek® SJ6
SP Sport® Signature™ (H & V)
SP Sport® Signature™ (W & Y)
SP Sport® 01™
SP Sport® 01 A™
SP Sport® 600
SP Sport® 2000E SP Sport® 2030
SP Sport® 2050
SP Sport® 4000 A/S
SP Sport® 5000 Asymmetrical
SP Sport® 5000 M
SP Sport® 5000 Symmetrical
SP Sport® 7000 A/S
SP Sport® 8000

Tires Eligible for $20 Rebate
Direzza® DZ101
Direzza® Sport Z1 Star Spec
Radial Mud Rover™ Radial Rover A/T™
Rover™ M/T Maxx Traction
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