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We recently installed the Unorthodox Pulley set on our car and I'm very pleased with the product (as I have been with every Unorthodox Pulley I've installed in the last 8 years).

If you have installed a crank pulley before this is really no different - grab a buddy as the extra set of hands will be useful. The most difficult part of the install was removing and installing the alternator pulley. The alternator should be unbolted and turned around for best access to the pulley. The stock belt is just fine to re-use on the UR kit. If your motor has 40K or more I'd recommend a new Honda serpentine belt. It took just over an hour start to finish.

The result is pleasing - throttle response is much improved (something the laggy 06+ SI e-throttle needs). Acceleration in gears 1 and 2 is most definitely improved and the engine revs quicker and pulls harder all the way to redline. Engine response while cruising in 6th gear is improved.

Don't look here for big power gains. The UR pulley set is a nice truly bolt-on mod that offers some performance enhancement you can feel.

I cannot comment on any changes in fuel economy as I've been hard on this tank of gas with the new mod and improved performance :vtec:

Interior electronics all function 100% (no interior lights dimming at idle when the brake is depressed).

In stock now - just PM with any questions!

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