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Unorthodox Racing Lightweight Pulley Kit

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Unorthodox Racing Lightweight Pulleys are now available for the 2006 Civic SI. These pulleys are made from CNC-machined from lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum billet. Premium U.S. made 6061-T6 aluminum billet ensures the consistency of the material's strength and balance. Tolerances are held to within .001", and numerous machining steps are used to ensure the lightest possible design. In addition to fit, finish is just as important and each piece is representative of this. Every pulley is inspected multiple times from machining to anodizing to stocking and finally at shipping time. If at any point a pulley does not pass inspection it is pulled from production.

These pulley's increase power by reducing weight from the crankshaft. An average of 2.7hp is achieved from each pound of mass taken off the crankshaft and 85% of the gains you'll see come from weight reduction. A slight under-driving of the crank pulley accounts for the remaining gains.

The 2006 Civic SI application includes one crank pulley and one alternator pulley and they are only available as a kit. You WILL need a new belt to install this kit - we can include the belt for you, or you may elect to find it in your area as prices vary by region.

Order now on our website or just give us a call!

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