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Drove car into garage on 10/12/20. Its had a bad battery for a year but I've been jumping it and running the car every week. Bad Battery as in was only holding 11 volts after trickle charge. So not completely dead but dead.

Finally put it back together cause I repainted it.

Replaced bad battery 10/14/20... Then nothing. Got power but no crank. Replaced the starter a few years back so I replaced it again after checking relays, grounds, and made sure the new battery was good and still nothing. Swapped relays around again put old stsrter back on and nothing...

What's weird is I had a single partial crank but It fizzled so I would think electrical but I'm lost. All grounds are freshly sanded and surface is clean same with starter and housing. Car worked fine before I put in the battery... and no I did not arc the car or stretch/break any wires. Ive gone through all that. Its good.

Any Ideas?
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