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so I'm looking into getting a kit together, first off I'm wanting to do direct port instead of wet or dry. and im also gonna run a little shot until I get the money to build my motor with some forged internals. my setup will consist of the following when i get the kit to install:
-Hybrid racing cold air intake
-BLOX 6" Air Filter
-BLOX velocity stack 6" - 3.5"
-RRC intake manifold portmatched
-ZDX throttle body
-PRL ZDX throttle body adapter
-Go power V1R-2 cams
-Ferrea Flat-faced Valves
-Supertech 92lbs Valvetrain
-Type s oil pump
-550cc Modified stock injectors
-Ultimate Tune by Vitviper
-Kidd racing header modified to 3" outlet
-FullRace 3" catback
-Hondata Flashpro

Then I'm wanting to get this kit
ZEX™ 4 Cylinder EFI Direct Port Nitrous System
with this
ZEX™ Racer's Tuning Kit
I'm only seeing a remote bottle opener,Wide open throttle switch,Traction Control window switch, Two step colder spark plugs and the switches are the only thing ill need that is not included.
let me know if im missing anything or you all think i need something else i need i want all the do dads so i can run the safest way possible

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Stupid question. Pro civic sells a regular proton kit (non plus) with a push button.

I know all about what could happen with a push button i.e. Engagement at wrong rpm.

I was wondering if anyone installed the button through the plastic surrounding the shift boot.

This would force the user to have to let off the button when shifting.

Any input would be nice.

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Nitrous 1/4 mile record.

Sorry to awaken a year old thread, ladies and gentlemen, but I'm looking for the 8th gen nitrous 1/4 mile record. I can't find it anywhere, so I figured maybe some of you that have been spraying these cars for a while would know something. It isn't in the records thread here, and nobody else seems to know.
1241 - 1246 of 1246 Posts