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Now, I have already done tons of research of the pump swap but still have some questions. I know it has been done one million and one times on k24 blocks, but not a too lot on the z3 blocks.

I guess my questions concern drivability...

Note: this is a completely stock K20Z3

I work at a Honda dealership, and I plan on pulling the engine for clutch, and many other preventative maintenance.

Once the pump is installed, how bad really is the idle? Down the road I plan on adding a 62a rear mount but that's it for mounts.

And my most important question, I know the stock Z3 pump creates a higher idle pressure. Does the type S pump require the car to be tuned for it? I will have flashpro before it goes in, so it's fine if it does.

And I guess a less important question, I know most cars do not have oil orifice threaded for the bolt and hondabond, but I believe I read somewhere the bolt can be "threaded" in without the hole being threaded? Just wondering God forbid I have to convert back to the stock oil pump.

Mainly I'm just worried about the longevity of the pump installed. Yes I know the pump is an OEM part that was used, but just if it performs and outshines the stock z3 pump in the long run.

And input is greatly appreciated. The people who have done it and are currently running it.
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