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So I have been lucky enough to turn me detailing hobby/obsession into a business recently. I am very happy to say that I am doing very well and staying very busy with my new endeavor. It seems that people still want their cars to look good even though the economy sucks.

I thought I wold keep track of some of my work here so you all can see what I do, as well as get pointers from some people on here that have been doing this longer than me. Thanks for looking!

Onto the pics!

Ford Windstar Interior Only
This car was originally scheduled for a full detail (no correction) but due to the threat of rain the owner decided they only wanted the interior done today and would come back another day for the exterior. This van wasn't in terrible shape, but it had been neglected. Also some of the stains were pretty old, so it was difficult to get them all out. Fortunately I went over this with the owner and they just said to do my best.

Products Used
Megs APC (20:1 and 10:1)
Aerospace 303 Spot Remover
Aerospace 303 Protectant
Bissell LGM
Megs Glass Cleaner

There are a lot of before pics, and only a few afters just because I was getting pressed for time. Overall though I was very happy with the outcome and the customer was ecstatic about the work I did. They took a handful of my cards and said they would hand them out at work!



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Toyota Solara Convertible

This was basically a full detail that added some correction due to some scratches and scuffs that needed to be buffed. At first I was just going to sport correct these spots, but there were so many I decided to just go over the whole car. This car was only a little over a year old, but I would have guessed it was at least five years old in the condition I received it in.

1z Perls Car wash
DP Extreme foam via foam gun
Dried with leaf blower and Cobra WW towels
Raggtopp Cleaner
Raggtopp Protectant

Wheels & Tires
P21S Wheel Gel
Amazing Rolloff on tires
P21S TAW in wheels wells
Adams Undercarriage spray to dress wheel wells
Wolfgang tire dressing
EZ Detail Brush
Swissvax brush
Black Schmitt on wheelwells

Meguiars white clay
Meguiars Quick Detail as clay lube

Menz SIP via orange pad on PC
Menz 85RD via white pad on PC

Poorboys World EX-P (I wanted to try out some new wax, but SOMEONE decided to sleep until 3:00pm on saturday and didn't drop it off! LOL j/k Dana)
Followed by wipe down with Adams Quick Detail

Carpet clean with Megs APC and extracted with LGM
All panels and dash wiped down with Megs APC
Dressed with 303 Protectant
Megs Glass cleaner to clean glass (duh lol)

ON TO THE PICS!!! I didn't have time to go back and show every repaired scratch so I tried to get the whole area in just a few pics. Overall I think I got out every mark that didn't go below the clearcoat. The owner was very happy.


No more scratch!





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Toyota Solara Coupe

This detail involved a first for me. The owner of the car has been trying to sell it for about 4months now with no luck. It has been sitting on the side of a road at a major intersection for that whole time and really has taken a beating from the elements. Heres where the twist comes in. the owner did not care what the car looked like in person, just wanted me to take good pictures of it. Now that may sound good, but I felt that I still couldn't take the easy way out, and even this car deserved to be taken care of. Fortunately the customer was willing to spend enough money to get it done right. This care didn't have a ton of swirls, and to me for the money it would cost to get it perfect, it wasn't worth it for this customer since they were only interested in the pictures. I am very happy with the end results of this car since the customer got what they wanted, and I was still able to do my job right without cutting corners.

DP Extreme Foam via foam gun
Megs Glass Cleaner
Ubar clay bar
Megs Detail spray for clay lube
Adams Detail spray for final wipe down
Menz PO85RD to polish
Poorboys EX-P for LSP

Megs APC 20:1 to wipe down dash and door cards
Zymol Leather cleaner and conditioner for seats and center console
303 Aerospace protectant for dash and door cards
Carpet only needed to be vacuumed

Wheels and Tires
P21S Wheel Cleaner Gel along with EZ Brush and Swissvax brush
Amazing Roll Off on tires
P21S TAW for wheel wells, agitated with black Schmitt
Wolfgang Tires gel
Adams Under carriage spray for wheel wells

These are before pictures to show just how bad the body really was. I tried mixing some TAW with my DP foam in the gun as a pre soak but it barely touched this stuff. I ended up pre-soaking the whole car in TAW then doing an additional wash with the DP Foam gun abd two bucket method.

These pictures are after wash and clay and an additional wash to clean the QD residue away. Notice the drip marks on the rear bumper. I couldn't tell you what this is since I'm still new to this, but nothing I had would take them off without polishing them away.

Wheel before.

Wheel after. I almost wish I hadn't cleaned the wheels because at least you couldn't see all the road rash and nicks under all the dirt. LOL

Headlight Before. The headlights were not going to be included at first to try and save the customer some money. When I was done with everything else I decided to try a rather mild approach to see if I could at least make a dent on them. I used Megs Plastic Polish followed by DP Plex All and think it did an ok job. Tell me what you think.

Headlights after

Interior After. I didn't take any before shots on the interior because it wasn't really bad at all. I still went ahead and wiped everything down with Megs APC and dressed it with 303 protectant. I also cleaned and treated the leather seats and vacuumed the carpet. I also tried something new for the wood trim. I had never even thought of polishing wood until I read a thread on Swissvax wood polish, so I gave it a try with Poorboys SSR1 since I didn't want to mess anything up, I think it turned out very nicely since it ended up removing some swirls that I have no idea how they got there.

Exterior Afters. Sorry for the lack of full sun pics, but the sun had already fallen down behind the tree line by the time I finished.


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I can't believe you are the first one to mention them! LOL I soaked my regular shorts, and all I had there were some old swim trunks!
if you knew how to not be in your pictures you wouldn't have to worry lmfao

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Good stuff! I'm amazed how you detailer guys do all this stuff quickly! I spend all damn day on a relatively simple wash-dry-wax.
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