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Turbo manifolds PLM Ramhorn

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Anyone run this!? I searched... and searched and searched. Different forums even.

I know - if anyone even reads these forums... All the searching suggestions is "full race". Well f that I'm not paying $2k for a turbo manifold.

I know PRL makes one ... and I think there's a good install video on YouTube of the guy installing a whole kit...

This is higher cost as well ... but at least comes with down pipe and dump tube.
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Turbo parts in general are drying up for this car. Folks scared of new laws. So soon it will be all custom made kits or for now supercharger kits. Get them while there hot
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I agree. Parts are running dry and I’m searching for everything out there. :(. Finally got an exhaust manifold. Now just need a turbo and intercooler.

Well turbo go with a Garrett what I always used. Just pick your size as far as intercooler there are tons of options like prl or full race or even mishmoto.

Personally you Should have just bought the cx racing kit and upgrade parts of it.
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