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TSX cams need help please

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Im interested in purchasing a set of 2006-2008 tsx intake and exhaust cams. Im new to cams, so any help would be appreciated.

Current Modifications:
-2008 Civic Si Sedan
-stock k20 engine
-Skunk2 header
-Fullrace 3" exhaust
-boomba motor mounts

my questions are:

-are tsx cams drop and go? no other engine mods needed? (aside from flashpro of course)
-how much do these cost brand new?
-whats a reputable place/website to you buy these from?
-how much do they cost to install?
-if you have a similar setup as mine, what performance gains did you make? feel free to share any dyno results
-how will these perform with a stage 2 supercharger?
-how will these perform with a skunk2 intake manifold and throttle body?
-how do these cams effect fuel economy?

thanks for your help. :dance:
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Just to verify, the 06-08 TSX cams can be used with no other modifications (other than tuning with FP).

No changes to the cam gears?
No need to upgrade the retainers or springs in the valvetrain?

Just wanting to verify this so that I don't buy cams and then release I need to buy a ton more parts just to get them to work...
Looking in to getting these. I want to stay N/A, and I think this could be the last piece to a nice N/A DD build.

Import DPS SRI
J35 TB
Vibrant HFC Header
Go Power 3" Exhaust
TSX cams
FP + Tune.

I figured that should make for a fun and practical DD, without getting me in to TOO MUCH trouble... :laughing:

Now it's just a matter of figuring out if I want to do the install my self, or take my car to Innovative Motorworks out in Carlisle PA (I'm in Pittsburgh).

Do the install over a weekend and pay for an E-Tunez re-tune OR drive out to Innovative and pay to have them installed there + dyno & tune and be done with it...

Guess it will all depend on how much $$$ I have floating around when the time comes haha.

Anyways, thanks for your help SiSoldier, I appreciate it!
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Yeah, the exhaust is an easy install. The header may be an issue, because I don't really want to drop the sub frame (I would be doing it on jack stands, and don't have an engine hoist either), so it may be a tight fit but I'm sure I'll make it work. The RRC, J35, and SRI I will do myself (along with a battery relocate. Just gonna drop the stock one down using a modified PW:JDM battery holder).

The only thing that mildly concerns me is doing the cams, as I've never worked on a K series motor before. I've done the timing belt on my D series in my 99 Civic I'm driving now, which consisted of most of the same stuff you need to do to put the cams in (TDC and all that fun stuff). The only thing that would be new is pulling the valve cover off and actually turning bolts inside. I don't think it should be too hard though. Plus, if I go with this build I will more than likely upgrade to RDX injectors as well, since this will probably be close to maxing out the stock duty cycle.

I am hoping to have all of it done my Christmas time. Time will only tell haha. I will be sure to update as I go.

Thanks for all of your help. Now I'm just waiting for summer...

Oh and yes, I have already talked to Rich about the J35 and gaskets and everything. When it comes, it is literally plug n play. Can't get any better than that!
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Sounds like it'll be a productive year for your car. :vtec:

As for the header, you probably don't have to drop the subframe. At least with my skunk2 header install...the fit was tight, but I was able to squeeze the header through the opening and get it in. You'll just need an extra pair of hands to push up on the header from underneath while you tighten it to the engine from up top. Also, be sure to wrap your header with a towel when squeezing it through underneath...this will prevent it from getting scratched up when squeezing it in.
Yeah, I am hoping that it is. I plan on picking the car up in early May, and already have money set aside to start modding it right away. As much as I would like to do the visual stuff, I think the engine will come first. After all, that is what puts a smile on our face... haha

Thanks for the tip about wrapping the header with some shop towels while feeding it up to the exhaust ports. Having a second pair of hands is no problem, as my dad will more than likely help me with the install.

I wish May would just get here already so that I could start building my car. Oh well, only a few more months to go.

Thanks for the tips mescay, I'll be sure to remember them when the time comes!
One more question about the 06+ cams. I know that the way to tell that they are not from an 04-05 is to look for the "double ring", right?

My questions are, is this "double ring" on both the intake and exhaust camshaft? Or only one one? Also, where is the "double ring"? Could someone post an image that highlights this and point it out?

Sorry for the noob question. Just trying to learn so I know the parts I get are what I pay for.

Thank you for the picture!

Let me ask this then: If the exhaust cam is the same for the 04-05, and 06+, then why is a big deal made about the "double ring"?

It is the intake came that is better on the 06+ model years. Is there any way to differentiate the 04-05 / 06+ intake cams? Or are we just assuming that when bought in a bundle, if the exhaust cam has the double rings then the intake cam is an 06+ as well?

Just asking in case I find a good set used that comes on the market. I know that if I buy new, I will specify what year I want and will be certain of what I get.
I read through the post earlier a few pages back.

IDK, I guess I would just hate to spend money on a cam only to be gotten by someone trying to be sneaky. Not everyone out there would do something like this, but everyone's heard the phrase about one bad apple...

I will just have to see what's out there when it comes time to buy these. If there is a good used set out there, and the owner has an 06-08 TSX then I will feel better about the purchase. If there is not anything out there, I can always buy new. They are only $650ish new... I guess time will tell.

Thanks for all of your help guys, it really is appreciated! I'm sure I will have more questions as time goes on, but I'll hold off for now :hiding:
Do drop in cams require no modification to the valve train? I would assume not, being that they are "drop in". If so, that is more enticing but still, there is something comforting about OEM parts...

Like I said, I will decide what to do when the time comes. That time will not be until later this year at the earliest.
I'm not concerned much with peak HP, considering I plan to have an ImportDPS SRI, J35 TB, RRC IM, Vibrant Header, and Go Power 3" Exhaust.

I am looking for a cam that offers good pick up in the low to mid-range, to help with daily driving. I figured this set up would be fun enough, just looking to improve the every day driveability of it, since it will eventually become my DD (hopefully not until at least next summer).
I can say that when I did a google search of the kelford stage 1 cams (whatever the name for them is), the first link that came up was to a thread here on 8th civic, and the STOCK Si cams had better power in the low to mid range than the kelford's did.

I'm open to suggestions, all you have to do is show me why you are suggesting something over what I have said.

No need to call someone else's idea "stupid" just because it doesn't align with what you feel is correct. Like I said, show me what you mean. I'm more than willing to listen.
Please post up your results on how you feel the car is once you get your tune done with the TSX cams. I am very interested to hear, as I would rather spend $300 on a set of TSX cams rather than $750+ for a set of aftermarket stage 1's.

Looking forward to hearing what you have to say!
Great, thanks for the update Si! I'm excited to see the results (I'm sure you're REALLY excited to get the tune done!)

Good luck with the tune man, looking forward to a review this weekend. Enjoy!
I would not spend $650 on TSX cams new, or more than that on a set of stage 1 cams. I am looking to pick up a used set of TSX cams for around $300 and be done with it. There are better things to spend $350+ on IMO. I know I won't have the most powerful or fastest Si, but it will suit my needs and budget well.
I'll be interested to hear how they are before/after the tune. Keep up posted Soldier, there are many of us who are looking forward to it!
I've seen them discussed before, and they don't make more power than the TSX cams do, and cost a $hitload more.
How much are you guys paying for your Kelford DIC's? / where are you getting them from?
Where have you seen them for $675?

I would be interested in yours, but I'm not looking to buy until later in the year.

PM who has them for $675? Thank you!
When installing the TSX cams, we reuse the cam gears and pulse plates from the stock Z3 cams, we do not need to use the pieces for the TSX, correct?
Yep, they provide a nice bump in the low to mid range, but won't really pull any harder up top over a stock Z3 cam (maybe 1-2 whp, nothing noticeable).

However, in the mid range is where you get a good bump with these cams. I have these cams (along with 3.5" CAI, J35 TB, RRC IM, CNT HFC Header, Q300 exhaust), and passing in 6th gear on the highway is no problem at all. You get a nice bump in torque, which is extremely useful if you DD your car.

I got mine for $350 shipped, and had them installed by Innovative Motor Works in Carlisle, PA (It was like, 3 hours of labor so $240 for the install). Honestly, I'm pretty happy with them. The only other "affordable" drop in cam is the Kelford, and their quality has been hit or miss. If you want a quality DIC, go with Drag Cartel, but you are looking at like $1000 just for the cams. If you're gonna pay that price, you might as well get a more aggressive cam and upgrade the valvetrain while you're at it.

See, so unless you can get your hands on a used set of 179a's that have been verified as being good (by being run in a car), then the only DIC I would go with the TSX cams, provided you get them for a good price. I wouldn't pay over $350 for the cams shipped, and it depends on the mileage on the cams. Mine had crazy low miles on them, so I paid a bit more for mine.

So your options are:

- Used TSX cams for $250-$250
- Used 179a's (that have been verified) for $? (I don't know what they go for, as I have no reason to look in to buying a set)
- BNIB Stage 2+ cams & valvetrain work for $1300+

All prices are without labor. Labor will be more if you go with an upgraded valvetrain, probably and extra 1.5-2.0 hours, on top of the 2-3 hour cam install. For larger cams, you are looking at roughly $320-$400 in labor alone, IF you go to a shop that specializes in Honda's and knows exactly what to do. If you go to your local mechanic who works on Mustangs, it'll take him probably twice as long since he'll have to follow a manual and what not on how to do the cam swap.

Personally, for what I was looking to get out of the car, the TSX cams were a perfect fit. But, everybody has their own plans for their car so you have to ask yourself, "Is the money I'm spending worth it?". For me, dropping $1700 on cams vs. $600 on cams, the $1100 wasn't worth it. I'm happy with my purchase, and know full well that I don't have the fastest N/A Si, but I have a car that I enjoy driving, and that's all that matters honestly.
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